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How to have Sex with a Sow


You will need some things in order to have sex with a sow. First of all, you will need something to protect your knees, as the sow's rear is only about 1-1.5 feet above the ground. She will NOT let you pick her up and place her on a table for easy access, like a bitch would, so you'll have to mount her on the ground, on your knees. Secondly, you'll need some lubricant. You will not have to use a lot of it, as the sow will produce her own very quickly. As always, KY will do just fine. In order to fool the sow into thinking she's about to be mounted by a boar, (and this will make her really horny) you will need the following: A tape with sounds of a boar. Play it and she will be a lot more willing. The scent of a boar. This can actually be bought in spray cans (these are common in the pig breeding industry).


Spray a little boar-smell on yourself. Then stay around the sow for a while, let her get used to you. Play the tape. You should see the reaction as the will come to check it out. This is the right time to lube her and yourself up, and to get ready. Now here comes the big secret. When you place your hands on her back (like a boar's paws while mounting) her instincts will tell her to stand still, and you will be able to gently mount her. Give her time to produce her own lubricational fluids, and enter her slowly, as a boar's penis is a lot thinner than a man's.

I wish you good luck, and many happy hours with your sow!

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