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When does a dog Orgasm?

The question of when, and for how long, a Dog Orgasms isn't half as difficult as many people appear to find it. This, I suspect, is down to a higher incidence of "Mpeg. Zoo's" raising the question. Anyone active with Real Dogs would soon enough sort out the answer for themselves. Or at least come as close as I have done in directly addressing the question. After all, when ye sit down and look at it, there's only three times a Dog Can be experiancing orgasm, aren't there?
  1. Prior to his Knot developing.
  2. As his knot developes.
  3. After his knot has developed.
Ok. Let's pull it apart:

1. Prior to developing his fully inflated knot, the Dog will exhibit various sighns of extreme, sexual, excitement. He will pace. Lick. Whimper. Mount. Thrust. At any time during such processes as these, the Dog may Ejaculate clear fluid. Is he " Cumming "? No. He is Ejaculating. His body is pumping fluids, said to be natural lubricants, from his penis. This action appears to have no visable bearing on his Mental / physical / nervous / spiritual disposition at all. He's not particularly enjoying this addendum to the proceedings. He's probably not aware it's happening.

And here I shall just point out the *Obvious*, that, for the sake of this discussion, I take it we may agree that, by " Cumming " or having an Orgasm, we mean the Dogs entire being has locked into a warp spasm of ecstacy. Complete melt down, centred in the groin. We all know what we mean.

To continue. He may, at any given point - with or without notable ejaculation - attain entry and begin to thrust in earnest. He is, plainly, Fucking now. But is he Cumming??? No! He's fucking! We all do it. Put the dick into something that will hold it, so, and shove it in and out for all we're worth. Feels good. Ok. Feels great! Do it a bit and it generally feels fucking fantastic - but no one's suggesting you are yet, quite, Cumming. Nor is he.

2. After about five seconds - if that - of this fucking, you may notice the Knot making itself evident. If you are somehow able to manage to whitness this with a reasonably clear head, you may stop to be amazed at how rapidly everything expands? THIS is the Dogs Orgasm taking place, in manifest form. The physical sighn that his mind is blowing. So, for certain, will his dick now be.

But that's it. Once his dick has swollen up, seemingly expidentually, his knot ballooned up to appear as two great balls at the base of his dick? Show's over. Let him go and watch him..... If you know anything about Dogs 'Body Language', as most Dog keepers do, you'll soon pick up how, almost, hang dog he looks. Yes. His dick is swollen to a red and blue monster. Yes. It's spurting. Dripping. Pumping. Bobbing. But what's the Dog doing? Head hung? Tail cocked, almost as if he has a very sore arse? (In fact, this attitude often reminds me of a man who's trousers have just been soaked? How one trys to pull all points of contact away? Yes?). How about if you offer his muzzle that very part of your anatomy which so transfixed him just now? See how he doesn't want to know anymore? A half hearted sniff. Most he's liable to do is enthusiasticly lick up bodily fluids. But I don't think you'll find that Dog trying to get the damn thing back in. Because he's shot his bolt. He's just Orgasmed. Cum.

3. So, there he stands. At this point, in the films, of course, some idiot would manhandle the poor creature between the legs of some porn *actress* and then proceed to manually jank, pull and ram the Dog about in some bizarre ritual, beloved of the Voyeur. The pre knot activity having been got out of the way quickly and effeciently. By hand. Off shot. Probably courtesy of Carlos. (Yeppers: He of the hirsuit and amazingly bite scarred forearms).

Now, in all honesty, at about this point, any Dog in my company will either be tied with me, while we both mind our own business in our post orgasmic little worlds. Or he'll be left in peace to do what ever he wants to do - and lick himself is what I generally find they do. Left hanging, a Dogs dick will usually deflate within about five minutes. It just sort of reverses the process apparrent a moment ago and, often amidst much examination and licking, will slip back into the sheaf quite quickly. You'll then find the Dog more interested in the Sports Results, or going for a walk, than he is in anything sexual.

Hands up the observent or experianced people who want to point out how a Dog, mounted and tied, may stay put for twenty minutes? Excellent point! And how should I know? I leave my Dogs alone, once they've cum. I don't torment them and pull them about. I'm a Zoophile. And so is the Lady I refered this issue to. Only she's probably had her hand on more Dogs pumping dicks than many of us could ever dream about: She's from a Top Stud Kennel. (If "Stud Kennel" is the precise term best fitting an establishment where up to 40% of Stud Dog Ejaculate goes into a jar?! Yeppers. And guess who 'Has to' get it there?! Considerable experiance of knotted Dogs.)

So, why the discrepancy? How come a Dog in a tie stays tied, while a Dog left alone resumes normal activity so soon? Well, according to my co defendant, it all has to do with pressure, on the knot. See, the urge to fuck is the force that drives the Dog to put his dick into the Bitch. Once there and fucking, he soon comes. Perhaps - and this is only hypothesising - it has something to do with the nature of the thin and watery, if copious fluid ejaculated? I wouldn't know. However, the reward for the Dog putting it there is orgasm. The pay back is his knot traps him and that's where things get mechanical.

While the Dog would just as soon be about his business, I am informed, the vaginal pressure of the Bitch will in itself cause the discharge of ejaculate, pretty much regardless of what the Dog does. It's a sort of relex action. Thus, in the name of artificial insemination, our informant has long since recognised how her immitating this gentle pressure can keep the Dog pumping away, reasonably consistantly, for some considerable time. The overall demeanour of the fully ejaculating Dogs, by the way, is described as " Bored ", during this whole process. Of course it is. They've long since Cum. Now they're just stood about Ejaculating.

Face it. They're Dogs. Men don't get Knots. Dogs don't withstand twenty odd minutes of system stretching orgasm. One thing we do have in common though is that we both do orgasm almost as soon as we start fucking, and then lose all earthly interest in the subject! :D

So, there you have it. Enjoy your films, if that's what you seek. But, personally, it's always been the sight and sure knowledge that a Dog is excited and enjoying himself which makes me excited and enjoy myself

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