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Fellating A Dog

Yeppers. Sucking his dick. You'll probably not be surprised to learn, if you don't already know, that Dog Suckers out number those of us who prefer to be fucked by the dog an estimated 3/1. That surprises me because, whilst I've probably seldom been with a Dog I didn't try Oral with, it's simply not my primary motivation. Maybe that's because I don't go a bundle on the taste of Dog Cum? Now, Dog Cum is pretty intrinsic to this whole affair, so first; An uncharacteristically brief few words about the taste issue.

First off. I don't eat Tommatoes or Cheese. The very thought disgusts me. Maybe you do eat one or both. In which case isn't this a purile discussion anyway? But we'll trudge on. To me, personally, from long and wide ranging experience: Dog Cum tastes like rusty nails soaked in salt water and blood. Strong Copper and Salt solution. Yeppers. Pretty unpalatable. But you know what it's like when you're unstoppable ;-)

Now. Most of the experienced men I've spoken to about this agree that Copper and Salt isn't a bad description. They still drink the stuff. However, one also very experienced Dog Man who I respect has said he knew a Dog who tasted like " Wood Smoke ". A couple of months ago and for thirty odd years before that? I would have ridiculed such a notion. Till I tasted this new young Dog of mine. I swear to you: Bastard tastes like a Peat Bog! What your fuckin Dog tastes like, to you, is for you to find out. Here's how to do it safely.

I say " safely " because giving a Dog Oral sex is about the only time it can get nasty when there's only you and the Dog around. No, a ripped out knot is no joke what so ever. But easily managed. Sixty pound of steam engine driving a pencil at the delicate structure around the top of your throat is frankly, fucking dangerous. If you don't allow for the most basic of considerations. Here's how to give a Dog Hassle Free Head. ( Gods! When the papers find us, they'll fuckin adore me for that one! :D )

Give yourself more room for this one than you suppose you'll need. Usual place is fine. Just that you may start scrunched on ye knees and end up stretched flat out. That's all. But it's really not a good idea to try it, first time, in a cupboard. Under a table is a definate no, no. You will bang your fucking head!

Lets go to work: Masturbate your Dog. If you want a re cap on that? Check out " Getting A Dog To Mount ". In there. The idea is not to finish him off in your hand. Your hands serve two purposes here. They manually assist in dampening the effects of his Thrust mechanism whilst, at the same time, forming a physically protective safety shield against any mishaps. They make you safe.

OK. Let's say you have a sixty pound Dog there. I'm saying that cos that makes him a larger Medium and it's faster to write than fifty five pound Dog. He's shortly going to be thrusting his dick towards a very sensitive and reactive area of tissue in the back of your mouth. This area represents one of your bodies major life support systems. Get it fucked up? You die. Allow a sixty pound Dog to thrust his os bone laden dick into the delicate tissue at the top of your throat? Rupturing it and causing it to swell? Work it out. You're gonna die. Read on. It's about to be written by a man who's been safely sucking Dogs dicks for decades! ;-)

What I'm about to write could take up to an hour to pick out. It'll take you seconds to read. The real event will last minutes. It'll be very fast and intense at first. Enjoy it! I'm not gonna let ye choke!

Get your right hand, if you're right handed, round his thrusting dick and make shure his knot is bashing solidly against your fist. That's your break. You'll need to use it constantly at first, as you find your position - or he may have your fuckin eye out! LOL! Your left hand, you simply wrap round the long, stabby portion that's currently going to be jetting pre cum all over the place. Your fingers thus act as a buffer. As long as you're being forced to sort of punch yourself, quite unpleasently, in the lips, you'll know he's having great fun up there.

The rest is really up to you and your own instincts. I can't teach you to have sex with your Dog. Only point out things that may help you as you have sex with him.

He'll swell, of course, and will be growing to fill your mouth and throat till you probably gag. Up to you, what you make of that sort of thing. But he'll have finished all that thrusting business and won't be a threat to you oesophegus - or what ever it is - anymore. He'll just throb and bob and jet lashings of slippery, hot water that tastes like rusty nails and blood! Or Wood Smoke. Or Pea...... Just bring me the Dog that tastes like Jack Danials! That's all I ask!

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