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How to Zoo

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How to Get your Dream Animal

A lucky zoo lives with his animal, an unlucky lives without. A lucky zoo´s question is how to love, an unlucky zoo´s one is how to get love.

This simple principle describes the contrary situation we zoos are in. Together we ask, how to zoo?

To zoo means to do all the things zoos do like loving animals, mating them, dreaming of our favorite species and making our dream come true. In this way, we will see how to get your dream animal.

Initially, you must know what it is. A cat, a dog, a horse or a lion? After setting your goal, start reaching it.

You petlovers best buy the animal of your dreams. Petshops, pounds, newspapers and the internet are recommendable resources on your search. In case you are unable to keep an animal, do not despair, but turn to your like-minded online friends and ask them for sharing their animals with you or post your request to newsgroups and mailinglists.

As a lover of farm animals, you ought to seek a bit more actively. Go out, check your local offers. Some of you will be thinking at fence hopping now, however, entering someone else´s property without permission is prohibited. Instead, buy, rent or borrow your desired animal. The internet also can help you find what you are looking for.

If you are an exotic animal lover, you should have starkly different abilities cos living with wild animals requires good sense, courage and modesty. Work as a journalist, zoo keeper or scientist to obtain savage love.

Ulitmately, when you have gotten your dream animal, you begin training it.

How to Train Your Dream Animal

In the first part, we discussed how to get your dream animal, in the second one, we will learn how to train it.

Undoubtedly, there are many ways to train your animal as your mate, that is why we differentiate between tame and wild species.

Let us begin with domesticated animals. Your training bases on trust cos your lover considers you as his leader and confides in you wholly. Favorably, most pets, particularly cats and dogs, are keen on human sexuality, and as they are also pretty frisky, you best train your animal playingly, for example, by caressing its genitals, inviting it to fondle yours or arousing it however it likes. Its basic instinct, its faithfulness and its love to you will make it do its best to respond your tenderness as much as it can.

Savage animals, though, require a lot more efforts to be trained. It is questionable anyway, whether your animal is suggestible, The most advisable procedure is to get into its environment, to become its equal partner. Gaining its confidence, you will see how far you are allowed to go.

Do not forget training, care, treatment and education belong together. Eventually, you have to get to know how to keep your dream animal.

How to Keep you Dream Animal

You know how to get your dream animal and how to train it. It is time to learn how to keep it.

Be aware of the three elements of the perfect keeping: love, responsibility, trust.

Now you may think nothing easier than loving your animal, but what would you do, if it disobeyed you, opposed you or even hurt you? Love it in good as well as in bad times.

Your responsibility for your animal goes beyond love, it also means care and education. We humans made many species dependent on us so we have to care for them as long as they live. And how?

Fundamentally, you ought to keep it adequately. As this can vary from an ant to a whale, divide them once more into domesticated and savage species.

If your animal is tame, you may keep it in your house, although an appropriate pen is a lot more recommendable, and if yours is wild, it either lives in an enclosure or in the wilderness, however, they all need your care.

Every species is able to be trained. Nonetheless, the best method to educate your lover differs from one individual to another. In short, the brighter your animal, the shorter your way.

Your complete effort is futile in case of its mistrust. Or can you love someone you do not confide in? Gain your animal´s trust by sympathy, empathy, patience, and keep it in your heavenly relationship.

I wish you a lucky life with your dream animal.

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