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How to Make Love to Big Cats

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You felidophiles might have dreamed of making love to a big cat. I will help you make your dream come true by my extensive zooguide.

How do big cats mate?

Big cats is a group of felines, consisting of tigers, lions, leopards, pumas, panthers and so forth. As my knowledge is specialized in lions, I will particularly describe the best-known big cat species whose mating behavior is identical with the other ones´.

A lion has the same genitals as all the other felines: They are composed of his scrotum with his two distinctive testicles producing his sperm and his spiny penis including his penis bone.

A lioness´s reproductive organs have also all feline characteristics: Her two ovaries, her uterus and her vagina are essential for a successful mating.

In contrast to other felines, lions live in a pack of a dominant lion, the pasha; younger males and lionesses with their cubs.

Once a month, a lioness gets in heat that normally dures from several days to a few weeks. All lions set odorous marks at the frontier of their territories regularly.

If an everpotent lion smells the fragrant of a heaty lioness, he commences courting her. At the beginning, the couple separates from its pack. Thoroughly, they sniff at each other. The lioness walks away, lifts her tail up, seducing the lion who steps after her, sniffs and licks her vulva. Abruptly, she stops, lies down flat on the ground. He mounts her and starts shoving his penis into her vagina. After five seconds, the lion roars while climaxing, pumping his semen into his mate. Before he withdraws his penis, he fondly bites into her neck to prevent her potentially aggressive response to the tiny horn spines on his glance which act as barbs and rub against her vagina´s inside, causing an exciting feeling to him, but an unpleasant sensation to her. At the end, having dismounted her, both retire for a while to relax as well as to clean their genitals.

Twenty minutes or so later, the lion and the lioness repeat this procedure; mating after mating during her whole heat.

How shall I approach a big cat?

On the one hand, big cats are predators: savage, imponderable, dangerous; on the other hand, they are social creatures: careful, fond, loving. What is right?

Both. There are cases wherein a big cat killed a man, and I know of those ones living in human society, for instance, in households, zoos or circuses. Result: A big cat never kills without a rational reason, it is as tender as a lapdog, not more threatening than a housecat, just bigger. You always ought to be aware of your peril, if you approach a big cat. I am not legally reliable for your possible death!

It does not matter whether you are going to carress a male or a female, you firstly should win its cnfidence; an animal who trusts in you, will not harm you.

As soon as you are able to stroke it, try fondling its genitals too, maybe it allows you to continue. A male loves, if you knead his testicles whereas a female enjoys your message of her labia with her clit. As a climax, you use your mouth to bring your lover to its most intense climax.

How do I make a big cat mate me?

Mating a big cat is an uttermostly hazardous issue. You need to wear your mate´s scent. In a trustful relationship, you can penetrate a female uncomplicatedly, but if a male mounts you, you either protect you or you have taught him not to bite you.

Good luck!

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